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Forum restored, sorry about that!

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    Forum restored, sorry about that!

    Just want to let everyone know that Saturday we backed up the forum and then noticed that we had Upgrade available and we tried.
    Well things didn't go as smooth as planned and we ran into some issues. Wound up having the the Host restore where we backup yesterday.

    Call it a learning curve.

    So you might want to check if you posted anything from Saturday morning around 10am if it's still there or not.

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    Yep, the trials and tribulations of managing a forum came in bunches. Not sure why the new software version didn't take.

    The thing Allen and I also regret is we'd just posted the winner of the first ever RMR Million Dollar Giveaway. But now that post is gone and we can't remember who won.
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      This conversation lost all credibility as soon as you mentioned 'Walmart'

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    Oh no!!! Not the hot line again!! (Batman won't be pleased)


      Oh no! A possible "PEBKAC"!!! (problem exists between keyboard and chair)😉


      (sorry Allen, couldn't help it!)

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      • Paul S.
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        It was really an issue requiring Level 2 intervention involving an aborted attempt at upgrading the forum software. We have a new IT guru, who's doing one heckuvva job, but sometimes the gremlins win a round.

      • Allen
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        No worries Michael.
        It was partially due to that Michael.
        In the process of updating the newer version, some minor details were not very clear and all it took was wrong step and things failed.
        As Paul mentioned, in order to do a full backup and restore, the Host was the only one that could make this happen.
        Live and learn...