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Sommerville Subdivision in N Scale

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    Sommerville Subdivision in N Scale

    Hi people
    welcome to my little build called the Sommerville Subdivision . It's a factious sub of CP rail .
    It is designed to be a Out and Back with a interchange and small yard . This is a N Scale build . Code 80 Peco track thruout . Will be painted and ballasted to minimize the track height and tie spacing ect . However , I am going to treat the track in doing so to make it into a scenic element in the larger scheme of things . Get what I mean ?

    There is going to be 4 rail served main customers on it (at this time) , with a Quarry being the main one .
    Small shopping/light industrial area on one side and the Quarry on the other .
    I have never done any kind of town area before, but I am looking to get my hands dirty and try it out .

    Now this will be a single operator layout based on a hollow core door , but expanded to 44 1/2" wide to 94" long .
    I will have a couple of real challenges to overcome on the functions of running it, based on the hollow core door and foam thickness . I have some ideas about those challenges and mostly it involves cordless throttles use .

    To begin with it won't have JMRI hooked up to it . Just my NCE system . But that will change very quickly, I have my laptop and all the gear to hookup my NCE system to it for JMRI .
    I will have basically 3 power district's. One with the yard , interchange , yard lead , and engine area . Then one for the reversing section and any sidings off that section . And finally one for the mains and any sidings off them . All hooked up to DCC Specialties circuit breakers and AR/circuit breaker for the reversing section . I quite like how DCC Specialties equipment works and it reliability.

    in the past
    I had just finished up a nice around the room with a peninsula benchwork , started on building a 8' long Paper Mill . Well that no sooner had the glue dry on the benchwork , and the final chapter of a Ex wife caused me losing my house . Not to go into it , but the guy always walks away with nothing but debt and bad memories lol . I am no different .
    so not knowing the future , I tore it all out and went with this layout cause I could move it pretty much anywhere . As it turns out I have a nice area for it in the new place , and I can operate and build it with full walk around access , that worked out well .

    Here is where I am at as of now , most of the track is down except industry, yard track has been painted . That doesn't show in these pics , but it is done . The track is all powered and tested quite a bit , with the exception of about half a dozen more feeders to add in the track sections in crossovers .

    very is all going to be moved to the new house next weekend on the 29th . It will stay dormant for most of June as we setup the new place . Then I will make up the lighting for the layout and get it back up in place .

    Pic time

    image widget

    Here is the plan that I used and modified . It is a openly posted plan by Byron Henderson from his website

    Click image for larger version  Name:	images_1.jpg Views:	37 Size:	86.2 KB ID:	1971so that's where I am today . I'm still learning as I go , lots of things on this layout will be firsts for me . But I'm a big fan of this hobby and love building .


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    Hey, Steve! Glad to see the Summerville Sub here on RMR! Hope things start to settle down for you soon.
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      With this track layout you're gonna' be busy for a long time Steve. And, like with Paul's, you can extend this easily anytime in the future. Looking forward to seeing your RR unfold here.
      HO Scale


        Hey Steve, glad you found a little bit of time in your hectic schedule to post your Summerville Sub.
        As with the others, it'll be fun to see you progress through your build from the beginning and watch your skills grow with it.
        Take all the time you need to get your personal life settled, we'll be here waiting for ya!
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        Rule #1 of model railroading.
        It's probably responsible for the greatest number of shoddy layouts because no one feels compelled to improve themselves. Meh, good enough...