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Some of the fine model railroads and modeling on RMR


Northern AT&SF

I've been a fan of the Santa Fe since my first train set with a red and silver F7 as a kid. My layout project is in a basement room that is about 16'...

Oregon Trunk on a HCD (N scale)

Hi all,
I'm new here and figured I should start something about my layout. I'll try to just give an overview in this first post, and then add more...

Southern Pacific in the Inland Empire

The SPIE RR idea came about from a suggestion of a friend many years after dismantling my SPIDGE RR. Southern Pacific in Dad's Garage. I am the Dad. I...

Crawford & Cherokee (HO) - Robert J. Thomas


The Crawford and Cherokee is an HO scale layout set in Southeast Kansas on the Weir-Pittsburg Coal Field. The layout is a (mostly)...

The Carolina Sandhills Lines (HO)

Hi, Mom! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Iโ€™ve been building this layout that I call The Carolina Sandhills Lines for almost six years. I was an N scaler for fifteen...

N Scale CSX Hanover Subdivision 3.0

New to the site this evening, so figured I'd open up a build thread for my yet to be designed 3.0 layout. I am modeling the CSX Hanover subdivision running...

Spokane Southern Railroad (HO)

The HO scale Spokane Southern Railroad is my freelanced basement-sized model railroad. The railroad is approximately 11 scale miles long, running between...

2nd Sub Burlington Northern Boise Division (N)

I figured I would introduce the group to my n-scale layout and itโ€™s back story. The 2nd Sub of the Boise Division is a proto-freelanced layout based...

Scratched car and six axle trucks

I started this car before I realized no 11' wheelbase six axle Buckeye trucks were available! Being hard headed, I decided to make my own! The car hauled...

The Palisade Canyon Railroads (N)

A west bound Southern Pacific manifest is crossing the Humboldt River near Palisade Ranch in central Nevada.

Hi, I'm new here at Realistic...

Ettinsmoor: A now-defunct 4mm British Rys. layout

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Below are photos of my long-defunct but much beloved British 4mm layout "Ettinsmoor," a British Railways branch set in Cumbria in...

BN 8th Sub (Issaquah Branch) 1/29 Scale (Outdoors)

I'm modeling a former NP, then BN, then BNSF, now abandoned branchline out of Seattle, WA. I only have room to model the area of Redmond, and Issaquah....

Soo Line/Milwaukee Road in Minnesota in the late 70's (N)

I was trying to think of where to post my layout,, is it home?, yes,, is it modular?, yes. Is there a forum called mome or hodular?

AC&Y - The Akron Service District (N)

Greetings. I've been interested in and working on one version or another of the AC&Y for the last 20 or so years. It's kind of frightening to write...

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