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Mission Statement


Realistic Model Railroading is a gathering of railroad modelers in all scales who are intent on developing their skills while building and operating realistic model railroads. We strive for this forum to be a place where the defining line between "train sets" and miniature transportation systems is clearly drawn.

To that end, this forum's purpose to help inspire each other, to pass on techniques and advice, and to reap the benefits of shared interests and goals in pursuing realism in model railroading, to the best of one's abilities and talents.

We also firmly subscribe to the idea that there is no "best" technique or "best" product for every situation or need. Rather, there are numerous ways to solve the various challenges we all encounter from time to time while building and operating realistic layouts. Part of the enjoyment of this hobby comes from learning to problem solve or sharing with the community how you found a solution to a particularly thorny problem.

Finally, although participants on RMR may or may not be members of the National Model Railroad Association, the forum leadership does endorse the NMRA's Standards and Recommended Practices.